Amazing sundials

All of the collected for this article sundials are worth admiration... But not all sundials worth admiration are made yet. And not of them are mentioned here. If you send us your favorites by mail, we'll add them to the list.

Very complex polar gnomon forms "solstice" writing or "equinox" with respect to sun year.
Bridge - sundials
The bridge across Sacramento river in California in the form of horizontal sundials with polar gnomon.
Hemicyrcle dam in France
A hydroelectric's dam in the south of France was marked as hemicycle.
Sundials with noon gun's signal
Horizontal sundials combined with noon time signal, produced by the gun. Sun at true noon sets fire through the magnifying lens. Sintra Castle, Portugal.
Sundials on glass
It is possible to make sundials from ordinary beer glass. The best design of the idea is on the photo. Willy Lander is an author of many original models of sundials, which may be found on his site www.analemma.nl.
Drain - flood indication on sundials in marine
Drain - flood indication on sundials in marine. Such dials need additional manual setting of Moon phase.
Equinox sundials
Minimalistic sundials designed and made by Kate Pond for Quebec in 1991. During equinoxes the shadow of gnomon lies equal to base. No more indication.
Cylinder building for Disneyland office
Cylinder building for Disneyland office in Florida is conceived to be sundials. Details may be found here.
Sundials on stendard glass unit
When making sundials with mean time indication it may be more convinient to make two dials, because curve hour lines combined in the form of analemmatic 8 may confuse.
La Nef Solarie
You may see a photogallery of this monumental construction on the south of France in PHOTOS section.
McDonalds sundials
How much did it cost for McDonalds?
Ono Yokia's sundials
Any surface may be dial for sundials. Japanease master Ono Yokia shows harmony of curves.
Digital indication for sundials
Digital indication needs perfect and firm mounting. In photogallery from Genk you can find photo of such sundials. Details can be found at www.digitalsundial.com.
Sundials ring
All clock devices and sundials in particular are very close to trappings.
Sundials - compass
If you know that local time portable sundials should tell, you may use them as compass. Sundials, specially made for orientation, were used by American tank troops during WW II in Africa.
Sundials for blind
It is funny to touch such sundials with closed eyes now, but for blind people in anchient times it was a real improvement.