Time - is a motion

The idea of this trip is to watch the Sun above the horizont in the most northern latitudes of Europe near summer solstice of 2016. English version may make sence for caravanneres in Russia. The author is travelling since 2012 in VW California in 2+1 (4 years) format, and have a caravanning experience in most European contries. First and formost, "camping" in Russia means something different from European camping place. It will a bordered small territory with minimum facilities and enough security. In 2016 the average price for 1 nigth is 10 euros... for nothing.

So, sundials looks like this before making. But the first thing for proper sundials magic is a motto .
An equatorial dial for summer period (Sun's declination is positive). Opposite side can be marked for winter period, if you need. Precision is 5°, thus 20 minutes. Diameter of the dial is about 120 mm.
In the motto we choose letter "M" plays a specific role, so no article - sorry.
Many ways of more or less perfect mounting. First, we need horizontal 8-18 hour line to be really horizontal. Gnomon is oriented to the Pole, and (90°-φ) angle can be alligned with small knob attached to the end of the style at true noon. Some other ideas are coming.
Near true noon in a wild place at N64.5713° and E34.8837°. It is on the beach of White sea and flouds should be taken into consideration when choosing the place.
A lot of wild camp places near Kirovsk at the beach of Malyi Vudjavr lake (N67°40.095' E33°38.284').
After staying in Murmansk for 2 days we went to the very north point of European Russia. It was a real off-road, and one should take care about the tyres, if decides to go to peninsula Rybachiy. It is also possible to rent a byke or quatrocycle in the village St. Titovka. We were staying (N69.5888° E31.9634°) for the whole day to watch both true noon and true midnight.

Travelling in the north of Europe we stayed mostly in campings. The one on the photo is Monz Clint camping in Denmark. We were allowed to stay in the place most attractive to our young boy - near playground. Surely, we mounted sundials in all places, where we were standing for whole day. Sun always shows its face at true noon, even in cloudy weather, if somebody is waiting for it. Time is an expectation, not only a motion )

On our way back we've made some photos of famous sundials in Svetlogorsk, near Kaliningrad. The sundials have a polar style and time indication for Moscow without special true noon mark. Mosaic dial is made of the colorfull pieces of smalt. A new photogallery is devoted to the dials.
Spider sundials near camping in Nida (Lithuania) impresses by the height of vertical gnomon (15 meters) and a lot of rune's symbolism. More photos of this wonderful construction can be found among photogalleries.