True time 09:25:52

Sunrise 08:08:57

Sunset 15:51:02

Azimuth А: -36.28°

Height h: 7.51°

Equation of time EOT: -00:11:27

Declination σ: -19.72°


Zodiac 1♒58


What local time is it?

To calculate local sun (TT) time, use the following simple formula:

TT = GMT + LC + EOT,

Mean sun time on 0 meridian
where GMT - mean sun time on 0 meridian, where Greenwich observatory is situated. It is a base time for zonal time shifts.
Longitude correction
LC - longitude correction is geographical longitude expressed in time value, assuming that 15° equals one mean hour. East longitude is positive, while west is negative.
Equation of time
EOT - equation of time expresses annual discrepancy between mean and true sun time. It changes within ± 15 minutes. In fact we deal with good approximation, because we can not take into account all pecularities of Earth's movement. You can find EOT value in sun ephemeris window.