true time workshop


Please, choose from menu:
GEOLOCATION request to the browser automaticaly determines your current location and time zone for future calculations. Default coordinates are set to Greenwitch observatory. Some problems still exist with Opera browser.
REALTIME mode allows to watch Sun's ephemerides, changing every 60 seconds.
In Sun CALCULATOR mode it is possible to set any time and location manually. Daily and annual report can be generated in CSV-file.
With SUNDIALS layout tool a simple pattern of horizontal sundials is generated in the form of PDF-file.

Solar ephemerides are indicated by the following icons:
- civil mean time; - local Sun time;     - mean civil time for sunrise, sunset and true noon respectively; - equation of time, as a difference between mean and local time; - Sun's declination; - Sun's longitude; - Sun's longitude in astrological notation; - Sun's azimuth relative to the South; - Sun's height above the horizont; - length of the shadow from a vertical gnomon relative to its height; - Moon's age;

More about sundials and Sun time you can learn from here.